Mixing Metaphorically into a Veil


The YouTube beauty machines leash in their cumbrance of lash

Your lips—red lip—plum lip—autumn—summer—supersized sucking

Traction—fit for remembering the fit of a member,

Remembering the somersault splash of a protein dash—

Saved from the drain—hydrating as God intended the skin,

Problematic in its acreage, pores—disaster nodes

Unalleviated by the remedies for red spots—

Dark spots—circles—sag and swizzle—discolouration—hair

Testament to testosterone, the ugliness of man,

The excretion, bloodborne mess, the nightly drool, all of you. 



You, of all, in spite of the jizzle, the jilt and tickle,

Despite the lack of a satisfying conclusion, you

Seek exclusion from the effluvial  concerns of others.

You, you ransomed mind, you stolen berth—you cannot dwell long

On the shortcomings, for the heart knows the shortness of breath

Resulting from a quick hug changed to a quick tug and swallow.

Attraction resides in the strip between caring and none. 

In need of respite from the cares, sorrows of thrifted youth,

Retraining the mind to reframe, to halt the old refrain,

Remains of the gainsaid waning day. Turn on the ring light.



 Light rings the on-turn, off-turn ramp—the roadside rating show

Must go on, nonetheless—for, after all, what else remains?

Profusions paid down below—praise and prattle—alternating

Currents—to condone or condemn the vainglory of she

Who has it all—she, of the sparkling wit, the nervous tic

Endearing to all—for she is relatable—she

Makes do with summertime spoils—offering sunnyside smiles

Whether up or down the arrows go, weathering the peaks and plummets 

Of popularity plundered in depths of wintertime.

Her treasure now lies—another YouTube beauty machine.