Spinoza Underwater

“To see everything from the perspective of eternity”

-B. Spinoza

            I want to live underwater. It seems so peaceful and serene, what an experience that would be. I can’t. I am limited by my Nature; limited by my body. I can move in whatever direction I choose, but I can only move according to my Nature. I can walk, but I cannot sidewind like a snake. I can live, but not underwater.

            I am human. I am a small component of all Nature’s life. I am a sensing and thinking being. Thoughts and extensions are expressions of Nature. Nature has infinite attributes; thoughts and extensions are the only attributes of Nature accessible to me. Water is a mode of the attribute of thought. All thoughts are Nature’s thoughts; all extensions are Nature’s extensions. Therefore, I move according to the laws of Nature. I want to live under water, but I cannot.

            Thoughts and extensions are existences. Existences are in time; existences are transitory. Water and the idea of living underwater will cease to exist. I want to live underwater now, but I cannot.

            Every existence has an essential quality. Essences are conceptual entitles of the universal features of all things. Essences inherently cause existences. Essences are outside of time; essences are eternal. The essences of water and the idea of living underwater will persist. Someone in the future wants to live under water, but cannot.

            Existence in either extension or thought is slavery; I can’t live underwater. I can access extension and thought; I can experience water and I can think of living underwater. Extension and thought are determined by their essences; I am determined. Essences are self-determined; I am a part of essences. Essences are free; I am free.

Nature is immortal; I identify with Nature.

Therefore, I cannot live underwater because I am immortal.