Nan's Remington 700 Backfired and Killed Her

The character in this piece 

has been kicked out of Denny's, 

a card carrying member of the NFA, 

smoked where ever she pleased.

Well-known fan of the Remington 700. 

Once shot a pileated woodpecker.

Nan lived on a bus,

Smoked a lot

stewed a lot, 

widower of aggressive ambitions.

Network is a 1976 film directed by Sidney Lumet.

Black currant and hawthorn and raspberry. 

Very violent couple. 

“Nan’s house, Nan’s rules,” 

but the therapist said, 

“She shouldn't light up inside.” 

Lined up 

empty cans,

Old Milwaukee.

A labyrinthine forest of oaks 

that have created an alphabet, 

language, infrastructure and 

better methods pertaining to

the smoking of a cigarette.

Maples and white cedars and

abortions in front of the public library.

She knew which berries were briefly seen 

in a 1976 film directed by Sidney Lumet.

Baseball or soaps,

some days she would go out,

life rolled around,  

“I'm going out for a dart,”

Old Milwaukee on a fallen tree.

My Nan's Remington 700 backfired and killed her.