I love ¢heap wig$

Drag is art. Like pretty obviously. It’s performance, dancing, acting, comedy, makeup, sewing, wig styling, SO MANY THINGS wrapped up into one queer little package. A very intense little package. Okay maybe it’s a huge package. What can I say, I just love a huge package! 


Packages aside, any art form requires you maintain your practice. You had better PUT. IN. WORK. If you want to get anywhere at all. It’s hours of practice and failed projects. You spend money on personal projects because they are an investment in your abilities. And you put them up on your Instagram so you look back on them and say “Wow! Look how far Ive come in a year”. 


So I’ve arrived at a point in my performing career where paid gigs aren’t as hard to come by as they once were. And I hear a lot of queens out here, all “don’t do drag unless you get paid”. You hear this all the TIME from RuPaul. Not that they’re the do-all end-all of drag by any means, but Ru’s got a voice that carries. 


So lemme just throw this out there and say FUCK THAT, do drag for free. Do drag because it’s fun and liberating. Throw on a mug and GO. PARTY. Or don’t. Maybe you prefer to stay home and cuddle up to a nice magazine (SNB, perhaps?). Or go to a park and take weird photos or something, idk.


But don’t let the idea of “If Im not being paid I’m not doing it” get in your way, because it is those opportunities that give you experience and connections that are priceless in comparison to that one-time booking fee you made.


Don’t do it for money, do it for ART!! 


But also wigs are expensive, so maybe take that into consideration as well.