Synthapex - Gone This Night

Synthapex’s debut video, Gone This Night released today, April 23, 2019.

In the tradition of recents years in the synth-wave genre, Synthapex’s first film is an ambitious visual narrative of adventurous vigor.

2048 A.D.

The most influential leaders of the remaining world have brought their capitals together to make what may be the most ambitious enterprise of the 21st century. Billions of dollars have been spent on creating a network that allows the governmental structures in the whole world to watch every step of each citizens and capture it in the form of video data. Society doesn't mind since it’s being made under the pretext of making litigation faster and more efficient.

2084 A.D.

The network has been finished and introduced to society. It’s easy to find criminals now. As a result, crime level tends to decrease. Also, there’s no personal space anymore. Big Brother is watching you wherever you are. You might carry on with some of your wrongdoings if you wish to. You won't be punished as long as you do it obediently.

2106 A.D.

The Earth is overflown with storages of incriminating video data. Lots of buildings that once were schools, universities and hospitals now serve as storages as well. Four huge space stations are being built to store even more data.

2248 A.D.

Mankind is no more. All the machines created by a man live their own life through random actions provoked by lack of the maintenance. The same is happening on the last space station of that big four - the last source of video data proving that humanity ever existed. Day by day random video chronic is being played on incessantly inside the space station. Right now it's a sequence of events that happened in 2097 to an Anthony Blaire. Those days software simulating real people had reached the peak of popularity. Most of humanity’s entertainment needs and desires could be satisfied with virtual simulation. Real people weren’t actually needed for that anymore.

Written by Arthur Lesnitsky & Hadfes Oblivion

Directed by Arthur Lesnitsky

Assistant director: Andrey Bulgakov

Makeup: Viktoria Sobornikova

Music by Synthapex

Mixing & mastering: Nosorog Records

Additionally, there are references to other works of art in the Gone This Night video. And according to Synthapex’s Facebook, they have a special gift for the first who'll find all of these references. More information about this is available on Synthapex's social media: