'Grishjarta' by Nattramn

Hey kids! Wanna read some anonymous Swede’s misanthropic poetry and maybe look at some mildly exciting art? I love me some outside art of any medium, but sometimes, notoriety and being removed from society can only do so much for your art. Without delving in the self-mutilation and horrific crimes of the man himself, black metal enigma Nattramn is mostly been known for his work with depressive suicidal black metal heroes SILENCER and his ensuing infamy and alleged insanity. Grishjarta is his first published work, a collection of poetry and artwork that feels as grimy as it looks. I get how black metal works, but this is ridiculous. The poetry feels gross and rambling, but at least there feels like some legitimate hatred behind these words. But every poem feels the same, and the titles make it sound like the track listing of black metal b-sides, with names like ‘Holocaust Complex’ and ‘White Turns Black.’ I do kind of dig the art, however. It has a creepy Tool vibe to it, organic yet spiritual. I don’t know. Check it if you like black metal. All others need not bother.