The Sunday Night Bombers publish a variety of Canadian artists and writers, with the principal ambition of providing a platform for outsider and marginalized creators. Publications are released both online and in print, bi-monthly in The Sunday Night Black & White.


The Sunday Night Black & White

A zine featuring black and white art and short form narrative.


Submissions (Online and Print)

We’re looking for things like,

Photography (Single shots or series)

Illustration (Comics, conceptual drawings, narratives)

Short stories (Min approx 800 words to about 2000 max)


Non-fiction (Essays, opinion pieces, journals, interviews)

Send any and all submissions, inquiries or good-wishes to


Royalty Statement

We pay royalties to all contributors featured in our printed zines.

We’ll pay contributors a royalty fee of 20% (net) for every zine sold. This fee will be shared equally among all contributing authors featured within the publication. We are a small publication so this will not bring home the bacon for you but it is something.

Zines will have a cover price of $8.50 for print copies. Online versions are free to view.

Royalties will be paid annually. All contributing authors will receive one complimentary copy – royalties will not be paid on these copies.

Where applicable, we will distribute free copies to gain reviews or for promotional purposes. These editions will not be available for sale and so no royalties will be paid on these copies.

All contributors will automatically receive a 10% discount on any future zines purchased.


Our Team 



Ryan Joseph Little 

Marc LeSage 


Contributing Editors

Jamieson Ryan

Mason Chennells

Roland Wardrobe

Allie Davis



Brian Roppel

Alex Jacobs Blum

Lady Kunterpunt

Marc LeSage

Richard Clarke 

Ryan Joseph Little

Donald J. Finley 

Joseph Gormpert

Tessla Stuckey 

Brendan McNeill

Chopper Nyk

Chris Bianco 

Spencer Afonso 

Steve Carino 

William LaGrande

Dimitri Karakostas

Jorge Villatoro

Matthew James Ridgewell